Homeowner Access Sticker Guidelines

Homeowner Access Sticker (Placed on the outside of the upper corner of the driver side windshield)

Materials Accepted
Leaves & Grass Clippings (CAN BE MIXED)

Commercial vehicles are excluded. Pickup trucks limited to a max of 3/4 ton GVW. No dump trucks.

Stickers can be purchased at our farm located at 1079 South Street, Tewksbury. Cost of the sticker is $100.00. Stickers expire August 31st of every year. Hours of operation are M-F 7AM-4PM, Saturday 7AM-12PM (subject to change December – March).

We reserve the right to terminate use of a sticker.

Some of the reasons for termination:

  • Commercial use (material derived outside of ones property)
  • Contamination
  • After hours dumping

Note: The intent of our “Residential Access Sticker” program is to give the homeowner a low cost, easy to use system for yard waste disposal.

For further information regarding our service and hours of operation please call us!

Yard Location: #1079 South Street, Tewksbury MA, 01876

Mailing address: 1201 South Street Tewksbury, MA 01876