History of Krochmal Farms

The History of our Farm

Purchased in 1942 by our family patriarch, John Krochmal, Krochmal Farms has been a staple to Massachusetts agriculture.  With our humble beginnings, we have acquired a legacy of love for the land and our community.

As the farm has moved forward through the generations, John Krochmal’s son, John Cave and his two sons, John and Greg, opened our doors to the public with our Annual Pumpkin Festival.  Each Fall we welcome visitors to spend weekends here to experience all we have to offer.  We are proud to be able to see children that came here decades ago now bringing their children for this annual tradition.

Supplying families directly with our own farm fresh beef, pork and Thanksgiving Turkeys is one of our most humbling activities.  It is uncommon in today’s world for the farmer and the consumer to be able to connect with each other and we are gratified to be able to change that.  When our customers receive their meat (directly from one of us) they are given the assurance that they are serving their family healthy meat that has been raised ethically under strict standards.

Now, with John Krochmal’s great-grandchildren continuing in our rich family heritage, we appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve our community. By including our experience as a multi-generational working farm, we have exceptional knowledge on the subject of soils, as farmers must depend on their ability to work with the earth.  With constant improvements such as our continuing education in soil science and obtaining superior equipment, we set the standard for excellence in the loam and compost products we provide to you.  By regenerating our farm’s byproducts, we are able to keep sustainability and ecological soundness at the forefront of this next generation.