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Our signature Landscaper’s Blend is our premier loam. If you have a landscape in need of pitching, grading leveling, and healthy nutrients, this is your blend. We take clean New England dirt and improve it with our own compost in order to amend the soil with its natural nutrients. With this blend, your new landscape is now flourishing for years to come. This blend creates a great base to filling in that nice level grade your new yard will need. Now you will have the proper soil foundation and filtration it needs to grow that green grass you’ve always wanted.   $29.99/yard

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Customer Pick-up / Delivery

We will load your truck with our tractor. An average pick-up with a eight foot bed can carry up to 2 yards. Your invoice serves as evidence of your order, all orders will be picked up at our farm.  The address for pickup is 1079 South Street, Tewksbury, MA.

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We Can Deliver to You
Transportation & Handling fees are calculated on the check out page. We are able to transport 25 yards at a time. Once we have received your order we will call you with in a day or so to schedule the delivery. (Calculations online are for up to 30 minutes away. If you live further away please call for a quote)


Please call our office to make sure that you qualify for the wholesale discounts!  With the great relationships we have with large contractors and landscapers we would like to keep offering deep discounts to our valued and possibly new customers!  Our blend that is for wholesale is the landscapers blend!  We can and will do our special blends at the wholesale level and if you would like to put in an order for large quantities of material please call our business phone to get more information on pricing and availability.  We are able to deliver in large quantities with proper scheduling and appropriate time slots of projects and job sites.  Our farm will work side by side with your company to provide success no matter the size of the job.

Krochmal soil results Blended Loam 5.2021

For wholesale purchasing, please contact us at ……….  (978) 658 – 0507