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We are able to manage all livestock manure and waste by a scientific process called composting. When our compost is finished, it turns into a high-quality manure based soil amendment known to gardeners and landscapers as “black gold”. In this process, we take everything that is wasted on the farm including animal bedding, manure, plant & vegetable waste and add yard waste, such as leaves and trimmings to revitalize this into a nutrient rich soil. By renewing our resources for these products, we are lessoning the carbon footprint for all. Our all natural compost is perfect for growing green grass, or having a flourishing rich garden.

We are pleased to offer two categories of compost.

100% Compost – This finished compost has a wonderful consistency, a great moisture content, high nitrogen content and is rich in nutrients, all benefiting your gardens, lawn and even planter boxes and raised beds.  Full of natural nutrients our compost will act as a fertilizer for anything from gardens to grass.

Tired of putting down chemicals and bagged fertilizers?  Our 100 % compost will provide extensive support compared to bagged chemicals and fertilizers.  Our compost is the solution to having an all natural yard with no chemicals.  Spread 100% compost around your grass that has been struggling for years and watch your lawn jump once again.  For best results spread the compost immediately after mowing your lawn.  Next, apply new grass seed as you spread across your area.  $39/yard

50/50 Blend Compost – Our 50/50 blend can be a beautiful touch to a yard scape. This blend is half of our 100% compost, and half of our Landscaper’s Signature Blend topsoil, creating a bulky black nutrient soil amendment. Use in raised beds, spreading along an already set landscape for lush green grass, or use to patch lawns as it is the perfect matter for spreading. Using this blended compost as a spreadable soil amendment or topsoil for lawns promotes soil health leading to the landscape you desire without the need of tilling and can be used for planting immediately upon spreading. $39/yard

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Customer Pick-up / Delivery

We will load your truck with our tractor. An average pick-up with a eight foot bed can carry up to 2 yards. Your invoice serves as evidence of your order, all orders will be picked up at our farm.  The address for pickup is 1079 South Street, Tewksbury, MA.

Hours of operation 7-4

We Can Deliver to You
Transportation & Handling fees are calculated on the checkout page. We are able to transport 25 yards at a time. Once we have received your order we will call you with in a day or so to schedule the delivery. (Calculations online are for up to 30 minutes away. If you live further away please call for a quote)


Please call our office to make sure that you qualify for the wholesale discounts!  With the great relationships we have with large contractors and landscapers we would like to keep offering deep discounts to our valued and possibly new customers!  Our blend that is for wholesale is the landscapers blend!  We can and will do our special blends at the wholesale level and if you would like to put in an order for large quantities of material please call our business phone to get more information on pricing and availability.  We are able to deliver in large quantities with proper scheduling and appropriate time slots of projects and job sites.  Our farm will work side by side with your company to provide success no matter the size of the job.

For wholesale purchasing, please contact us at ………. (978) 658 – 0507

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