Compost, Loam, & Topsoil

Landscapers Blend – We create a rich loam by adding our compost made here on the farm, to enhance rough New England soil.


Krochmal Farms, 4th generation family livestock farm, has been farming for 79 years.  For 25 years Krochmal Farms has worked along side BMC Corp to manage their manure in the agricultural practice known as composting.  After more years and generations of learning, managing, and practicing composting, Krochmal Farms will now stand alone in the operation.  We are extremely grateful for the relationship we have with BMC Corp, and will now continue business as always.

Wholesale Customers

Please call our office to make sure that you qualify for the wholesale discounts!  With the great relationships we have with large contractors and landscapers we would like to keep offering deep discounts to our valued and possibly new customers!  Our blend that is for wholesale is the landscapers blend!  We can and will do our special blends at the wholesale level as long as there are orders ahead of time to be filled.  And if you would like to put in a special order for large quantities of material please call our business phone to get more information on pricing and availability.  We are able to deliver in large quantities with proper scheduling and appropriate time slots of projects and job sites.  Our farm will work side by side with your company to provide success no matter the size of the job.

Looking for the finest topsoil, loam, and compost to make your next landscape project thrive?

Producing the finest compost, loam, and topsoil in the area.  Our farm is able to manage all manure produced by our livestock in a scientific process called composting. This manure based compost is rich and full of great nutrients ready to replenish the rough New England soil to the way it used to be.  When the compost is done, the material is fed into our ½” minus Trommel screening plant, producing a fine, stable, finished product ideal for new lawn, topdressing, soil amending, flowerbed mulching, and much more.  Utilizing a state of the art trommel type screening plant, we have formed a reputation of producing the finest screened compost, loam, and topsoil in Massachusetts.

Please call our office for delivery scheduling and rates.  (978)  658 -0507

Retail Customers

Please choose the appropriate product below to learn more and order online.